BU shadowrun

The Cc killer

Trying to cut the copy cutter.

A phone call

The runners got a phone call from their fixer, asking them to meet William mcalister for a run. They show up at the place which also happens to be an entrance to the ork underground. Mcalister was visibly drunk and pissed off during the meet.

Turns out that Mcalisters daughter got herself killed earlier in the morning, looks to be like a serial killer come back from the dead. Regardless of zombies, Mcalister wants the runners to find who did it and bring the killer to him, alive. The runners accept and get given a picture of his daughter, her address in the Ork underground, and a contact in Knights errant who handled the original Cutter case.

They decided to go check out the girls apt. first in the Ork underground. It takes some searching but they finally find it, but they also find an ork gang guarding the place. After dropping William Mcalisters name, things cooled down and were allowed entrance into the victims apt. Not much was found except a bloody fingerprint, which one of the runners turned over to his lone star contact to run.

Next up was to follow up with the Detective inside a mall, leaving almost all their weapons in the van since the mall had weapon scanners. Not much was learned except that this new string of murders are definitely the work of a copy cat killer. So the runners leave the mall and run into a group of troll killers that have been apparently hired to make the runners dead. The first shot fired almost made Lylac a memory. But that first shot did wake up Meatfist, who was having a lovely dream about troll women and booze in the van.

Getting the jump on the Troll killers, Meatfist Opens up on their apparent leader with a point blank shotgun to the head. Making him the troll devils bitch in hell. The other gangers tried to run away but our lovable team of runners were fresh out of mercy today. One of the gangers was knocked out with a tazer and slammed his face on the ground. He was the lucky one as Meatfist decided he wanted a meat hat and gored one of the 3 standing gangers in two. Meatfist (AKA Meathat) was still very angry about losing sleep.

The lone star contact pays off and they get the address of the copy cat killer. Turns out he was some UCAS spec ops bad ass who was also racist as fuck. Not as in the “fuck orks/elves/trolls” kind of racist, but the “everyone that’s not blonde hair blue eyes” kind. He was holed up in some sort of red neck fortress with a great wall of junk cars. The runners then call for the underground gangers that they talked to earlier for help and they gladly obliged.

Long story short(ish); the 12-13 bad guys in the compound became puddles and the copy cat killer ended up copying the original one last act, the exit.

Runners got paid, Mcalister got justice, and Luna figured out that knives don’t work so well in a gun fight. And they got an optional bonus if they find out who was the mastermind.



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